Friday, April 23, 2010

TARA Contest

The Tampa Area Romance Authors fabulous TARA Contest for unpublished writers is happening right now! Submit the first chapter of your manuscript, with prologue if applicable, up to 4000 words. The first round judges are published/pro/trained. For the final judges we have an awesome lineup.

The categories and final editor judges:

Series Contemporary: Wanda Ottewell/ Harlequin
Historical: Deb Werksman/ Sourcebooks
Paranormal: Leah Hultenschmidt/ Dorchester
Single Title: Jhanteigh Kupihea/ NAL
Women's Fiction: Amy Pierpont/ Grand Central
Romantic Suspense: Peter Senftleben/ Kensington
Inspirational: JoAnne Simmons/ Barbour Books

For all the guidelines, including info on our all electronic contest, go to our website at
If you are looking to get your writing in front of an editor, now is your chance! Don't miss out.

You can register and send your entry through midnight of May 1st, 2010. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rita and Golden Heart Finalists

Romance Writers of America announced the prestigious Rita and Golden Heart Award finalists on March 25. The Rita is for books published in 2009 and the Golden Heart is for unpublished writers with a completed manuscript.

Congratulations to four members of the Tampa Area Romance Authors for being finalists in the Rita:

Karen Rose for Kill For Me in the Romantic Suspense category

Kresley Cole for Kiss of the Demon King in the Paranormal category
and Untouchable in Deep Kiss of Winter

Betina Krahn for Make Me Yours -- Historical

Carla Capshaw for The Gladiator -- Inspirational
Carla was also nominated for Best First Book

Congrats ladies and good luck!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Write

We writers love to talk about writing!

We study and learn the craft of writing. We gather with other writers in whatever venue available -- in person, online, by phone. We take time to imagine our stories and characters, mull over plot and conflict, and make myriad decisions on setting, voice, pacing, and dialogue. It can be a rewarding and challenging pursuit.

However, there is only one way to finish the story of your heart, or your latest book under contract -- sit down and write!

The act of writing is a long, lonely road and often times we need incentive to keep ourselves focused with our eye on the prize....a completed manuscript. We have so many distractions in our demanding hectic lives, we need whatever we can to keep our fingers on the keyboard or a pen in hand (yes, some people do write in long hand occasionally) ;)

For me I like to set writing goals. Long and short term goals. Even when life turns tough, I try to at least adjust my goals so I don't tumble too far off my projected path.

A couple of suggestions:

*Write everyday. Even if it's nearly impossible to juggle your busy schedule, if you're truly committed to writing and finishing a lengthy novel, write everyday. Even ten to fifteen minute increments can be enough to spur on a productive daily habit.

*Perhaps keep a notebook handy to chart your daily progress. Whether tracking word count, page count, chapter count, it's a wonderful way to keep yourself and your story moving forward. Don't worry there is always the revision process to smooth out the clumps and bumps.

*Find a critique partner or a critique group. There is nothing better to help keep the flow and momentum of writing your story than fellow writers offering encouragement, suggestions, and occasionally kicking your butt.

I am a member of the Tampa Area Romance Writers where I have met some wonderful writer friends who I occasionally share some of my work. Sometimes one on one, sometimes in a critique group gathering.

I am also incredibly fortunate to have three of the best critique partners to share my writing and my life. Each one is an amazing writer, friend, and even better.... my siblings.

Keep on writing.
Thanks for all your love and support!