Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plot and Conflict

When we pick up a book in a bookstore or library, what are we looking for in a good read? Compelling characters? Exciting adventures? Exotic settings? An original and fresh idea?

Do we want a biography of some notorious criminal? Or perhaps an autobiography of our favorite historical figure?

Do we want a mystery or thriller? Fantasy? Western? Science Fiction? Family saga? Romance? Horror? Do we want a blend of styles and genres? Do we want James Patterson, John Grisham, Jane Austen, or Stephen King? Danielle Steel, perhaps? How about J.K. Rowling, Tony Hillerman, Nora Roberts, or Robert Ludlum?

Whatever your passion as a reader, there are stories to accommodate every taste.

As a writer, whatever style or genre, whether you are a NYT best selling author, or a struggling newbie just learning the ropes, every story must have the elements of plot and conflict. Without the drama of a plot, without the tension of conflict -- there is no story.

Every character must struggle with questions, problems, mysteries beyond their control. They strive to uncover clues, discover answers, maybe even fall in love. As readers, we hope to escape into other worlds created by talented authors. As writers, we continue to strive to make our words flow with powerful stories, exciting plots, nail-biting tension, and unforgettable characters.

Discover your passion! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

TARA Contest Finalists Announced

The 2008 TARA Contest has completed the first round judging and announced the finalists. The top three scoring entries in each category move on to be judged by an acquiring editor in their genre.

Check out the TARA website for a complete list of finalists. http://www.tararwa.com/

We had a great turnout for the contest this year with a large number of entries, making the competition really tough. Congratulations to all the finalists!

A special congrats to TARA members, Sharron Houdek and Laurel Natalie for being amoung the finalists. Good luck to Sharron and Laurel!

Happy Writing :)