Saturday, February 16, 2008

My First Photo

I am new to the digital photography world, so today I will attempt to add a photo to my blog.

From what I can see, I think it's a done deal. :) Above is a picture of myself (far right), and my three siblings. From left to right, Robin, Laurie and Dell. They are not only my siblings, but three of my closest friends. The picture was taken by my sister-in-law, Liz, and we are posing in front an ice cream and coffee shop on Cape Cod. One of our favorite hang outs when we get together. Think chocolate! Yummy.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Back to Business

As usual time is speeding by so fast I can't seem to keep up. My goal was to post on my blog at least once a week... It's now February and I haven't been here since December. Time to get busy.

I have finished one contemporary romance called Summer Light. It's about a handsome and popular movie actor, Jackson Sweeney, who survives a tragic car accident that claims the life of his best friend's financee. Struggling to remember the accident, Jack leaves Hollywood behind for rural New England and begins a new life with his sister, Kate and his nephew, David.

My second book is a work in progess. At this point it's called Island Moon and takes place on Anna Maria Island in central Florida. I'm around the 1/2 way point through the first draft. My goal is to finish by summer.
Island Moon is a romantic suspense. More about the story later. :)

Thanks for stopping by...