Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Tis the Season

Fortified with my shopping list and checking it twice, I sat at the Barnes and Noble Cafe sipping an extremely strong cup of coffee. I pumped an abundance of sugar into my system as well by indulging with a piece of "to die for" classic coffee cake. Heaven. In other words I was out among the masses doing my "holiday shopping".
While gazing out the window toward the parking lot and nibbling on my coffee cake, I spotted a man striding through the maze of cars and people who looked very much like the actor, Larry David. I followed his progress as he made his way to the Barnes and Noble entrance, an expression of relief crossing his face at making it to his destination. I know how he feels.
At closer inspection it wasn't Larry David.

Brushing the crumbs from my hands and taking one final gulp of caffeine, I stood from my chair. Time to get going. Time to mingle with the other shoppers, elbowing through to the best displays, struggling not to buy something for myself, and clicking off in my head as I pick up fun and exciting gifts for my family and friends. ;)

Ahhh... the holidays.


Robin said...

Cindy -- Glad you're in the Christmas spirit! Larry David or perhaps the Seinfeld reunion. Love the tree:)

Dell Smith said...

Thanks for posting the pic of your tree. I know just where it's standing. And your description of fortifying yourself for xmas shopping. By the way, there is nothing wrong with a little of "one for you, one for me," while shopping. It's encouraged, I think.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Thanks for reading. It helps to know my voice isn't just hanging out there all by it's lonesome in cyberspace.

The picture of the tree is actually from last year. This year's tree went up last night. ;)

I miss you guys!

Haviland Smith said...

I want to see this year's tree!! Hope you and the P's had a great day yesterday. We miss you here!! Love to all!