Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Back...

Where did the year go?

And where's my inspiration?

Ahh. There it is.

There's nothing like the pristine beauty of nature to put the harsh realities of life back into perspective.

This past year was not my most productive year in regards to writing or my other objectives. I had ambitious goals for 2009 -- some were achieved, but I fell short in attaining all of them. In reflection there are several reasons (or excuses) I could share....but I won't. ;)

In regards to my writing, I did begin a new novel -- my third -- and I'm very excited about the story. I also worked on revisions on my second book. Even so, my ambitions were rather high, so I did not accomplish all I intended.

I did lose weight, although I ended up dealing with major stress and put half of it back on. (Okay maybe a tad more than half) and I queried only two agents instead of the dozens I had planned.

While it was a difficult year for me personally and professionally, I'm looking ahead to 2010 with a positive attitude, a fresh set of goals, and eager anticipation for a very productive year!


...bring it on!

All the photos were taken in Maine. :)


Laurie said...

I'm rooting for you...whatever your resolutions/goals are for 2010! The good thing is we have another year to work on our writing, exercising, and querying agents. Bring them on!

I love the pristine photos from Maine...thanks for sharing.

Dell Smith said...

Oh, is that all you did last year? Start your THIRD novel? :)

Great photos, cyn.