Monday, October 6, 2008

Hope and Romance

As an unpublished writer, my desire is to be published. I work hard at my writing; learning and honing my craft, however it's equally important to know and understand the complex world of publishing. My goal is to have my contemporary romance manuscript, Summer Light, contracted and published by a top publisher in the industry. I've set my sites high, however, there are a variety of other opportunities in the world of book publishing.

There are the well-known New York publishers, smaller presses, vanity presses, e-publishing, self-publishing and everything in between.

According to the Romance Writers of America, romance fiction generated approximately $1.375 billion in sales in 2007! Wow.

That said, the competition is more intense than ever. RWA has a membership of around 10,000. That's plenty of romance happening. :) With the invention of word processing and the ease of computers, it's possible for anyone to sit down and pound out a novel. But the writer must know the basics of good writing and how to tell a compelling story.

I believe I've written a solid story filled with passion, hope, and romance. :)

Wish me luck!

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