Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Writer's Block

What is writer's block and does it actually exist?

For me -- absolutely! So often my writing comes from my emotional state of mind. How do I feel today? Am I happy? Sad? Is my kitty not feeling well? Am I going through a heart wrenching divorce? Has a friend or a relative recently been sick or passed away? How difficult is my day job?

At this point in my writing career I have the choice of sitting down to write -- or not. If I don't feel the inspiration flowing through me, I'll pick up a book and read, or click on the television (probably not the best idea), or worse, surfing the net. However, the many professional, published writers I know, they don't have that luxury. They have deadlines! They have publishers who choose when their books are to be finished. They have editors who need the rewrites and revisions -- now!

Someday soon I hope to up my game and find an agent and editor interested in my work. At that point I need to be 100% prepared to do the work; get the job done and produce the words and pages that need to be finished. :)

I write as often as I can, but for the past few weeks I've been in a major slowdown. Writer's slump? Writer's dawdling? Writer's procrastination? Hmm...
Well, no more. It's time to write and push through to finish my second book.

Writer's block be gone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
I often have writer's block & don't always have an easy cure! Do you think missing Coco has anything to do with it? Anyway, I hope you're back soon writing your steamy romance! Love, Rob

Liz Smith said...

My artwork ebbs and flows as well. Sometimes I am so prolific I feel like it will never end, but of course each spell plays itself out eventually. So I've learned to make the most of those fruitful times and use the inevitable yang of downtime to plan and sort out my thoughts, gain new inspiration, learn new techniques, etc. So when the engine of creativity revs up again I have plenty to do! The most important thing is not to get down about the less productive periods.

Anonymous said...

I either write or I don't write. I've been feeling blocked lately, but I've still been putting words to paper (fingertips to keys) even though the words are stale, the dialogue bland, the plot played out, the ideas dried up. So does this mean I'm blocked? Working on the wrong story? Or just doing what needs doing? Don't know. Writer's block can take any form we choose. We just have to say no to writer's block and move ahead, even if what we're writing doesn't seem worthy. Eventually, with more work, it will. And if not, we'll learn a little something in the process and move on to something that feels right.
Good luck reaching your deadline!