Monday, March 31, 2008

More TARA Authors

Meet more TARA authors and their fabulous books!

Virginia Henley is one of the first ladies of historical fiction. She is passionate about history and it shows in her beautiful, epic novels. She blends history and fiction with her flawless writing. Some of her titles include: Unmasked, Notorious, and Insatiable.

Roxanne St. Claire writes exciting romantic suspense most notably with her Bullet Catchers series. First You Run hit the book stores on March 25th and promises plenty of romance, action, and suspense. The Bullet Catchers are "Trained to Protect and Licensed to Thrill". What could be better than that?

C.L. Wilson's first book, Lord of the Fading Lands came out in October 2007 to rave reviews. It is a sweeping fantasy set in another world where good vs. evil, and magic and destiny rule. The sequel is called Lady of Light and Shadows. Check them out!

Pick up a book today and immerse yourself in stories of love, passion and adventure!

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Liz Smith said...

Thanks for the links! Looking great :)