Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writing on Wednesdays

Blogging seems to have become a national obsession. Anyone who is anybody has a blog. At least many of the people I know in the creative world -- artists, musicians, and writers -- have their own blogs or websites and well they should have. It's a wonderful inexpensive way to communicate and network.
For a writer, it's imperative we let our fellow writers and readers know about our projects and where our latest published works can be found.

So... when my first book comes out, I'll let you all know. :)

I'm still on the quest for an agent, with my eye on publication, so it may be a while yet before my first book is nestled on the bookstore shelf ready for purchase.

Since I'm ramping up my dedication to polishing one book, finishing another, and selling the third, I will be blogging only once a week. (Which is more than I do sometimes, anyway.)
Now, however, I will have a schedule.
Wednesdays at Blogwarts. ;)

Check out my blog for a new and exciting entry every Wednesday!



Dell said...

Blogs are essential for any writer pushing their stuff into the world.

I like your new schedule, Cyn. Now I know when to check back in.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Thanks, Dell. See you next Wednesday!

Robin said...

Thanks for the update! Wednesdays at Cindy's site. Good luck getting an agent this year, too.

Laurie Smith Murphy said...

Great idea, Cindy! I'll be sure to check back in next week!