Tuesday, October 27, 2009


All the sudden it's the last week of October. Yikes! Not certain how that happened. The day job has been very busy and beyond stressful. (company merger -- need I say more?)

I'm diving back into my writing and have been making strides, although I haven't hit my main yearly goal. I probably won't finish both my manuscripts as hoped, but will keep forging ahead. Had a tough year. Between work and taking on new responsibilities with the Tampa Area Romance Authors, as well as joining an online critique group, contest judging, and personal issues, I had difficulty keeping up with my own writing.
Now, I've cut back a bit and hope to keep my writing a top priority. :)

My characters are gearing up for stormy skies ahead.

The clock is ticking....


Dell Smith said...

It's hard to carve out consistent time to write, but sounds like your priorities back in order.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

As a fellow writer, my friend, and my favorite brother, thank you for all your support! :)

Robin said...

Good luck on your writing goals! You go girl:)