Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smell the Roses

Don't forget to Stop and Smell the Roses! Okay, that is certainly the classic cliche, but no less true.

A few days ago I overslept by an hour -- something I rarely ever do. I jumped out of bed, squeaked something rather unladylike, and raced into the shower. Fortunately for me -- in more ways than one -- I live very close to my day job. So, I still had time to shower, dress, and take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee.

I stood in the kitchen, sipping my coffee, and staring out the window. Because I was off-schedule and in the kitchen at a later time in the morning, I saw a breathtaking sight.

The sun was shimmering through the big tree in the backyard, lighting upon a massive spider web. (If I had a digital camera, I would insert photo here) :) It was sparkling in the sun, radiating white, silver and a touch of other earthy colors. I couldn't see the owner of the web, but did spot a few unlucky bugs trapped in it's clutches.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, content I was able to enjoy the quiet moment. A perfect time to slow down and put everything into perspective.

Embrace life.

Happy Father's Day!!


Liz Smith said...

Great result from what started out as a nervewracking morning! Thanks for sharing this important reminder :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that perfect moment of beauty in the midst of a busy morning. I love reading your blog! Love, Robin

Anonymous said...

Beautiful description. I've been lucky enough to look out that same window. Who needs a digital camera when you can write what you see?

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Thanks for your comments! :)