Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Family of Writers

Some of my earliest memories are of my father hunched over an old typewriter -- hunting and pecking his way over the keys -- writing. "Shh... don't bother your father. He's writing," my mother would say in a quiet whisper. So, I would tip toe my way past whatever room, or table, or desk my father happened to be working at that day. My father wrote often, and he was a very good writer. An amazing inspiration to our whole family.
I have a father, mother, two older sisters, and a younger brother -- and we all write.

My father: Wendell E. Smith has written hundreds of humorous stories and articles that have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers all over the country. Back in the day, he even had some cartoons accepted and published in the New Yorker magazine. Very exciting. He's also written two unpublished novels, and still writes to this day.

My mother: Muriel P. Smith has written many short fiction stories, a mystery novel and three contemporary romances. She's had many of her shorter fiction stories published and hopes to follow with her novels. Married to my father, she had no choice but become a writer, too. :)

Sister #1: Robin Smith-Johnson writes beautiful poetry. She's had many poems published over the years including two in the prestigious Yankee magazine. She also writes novel length Young Adult stories, and has several WIP's (works in progress) at the moment.

Sister #2: Laurie S. Murphy writes Young Adult stories. She's written two YA books, and is working on getting published. Her most recent book is entitled: Melody's Song.

The Brother: Dell C. Smith is an amazing writer of short and long fiction stories. He has recently completed an adult, contemporary novel called A Little Disappeared, and is working toward publication.

They are a wonderful family, and a great inspiration to me as a writer. We attempt to help each other as much as possible -- critiquing and encouraging through the long, endless pursuit of writing.

We all have our day jobs, of course. But when we can steal a few solitary moments, alone with our computer, typewriter, or an ordinary piece of paper-- we write.


Anonymous said...

As The Brother I just have to remind you to toot your own horn: Cynthia Sherrick, a writer of romantic intrigue; culling from her lively, globe-trotting experiences to forge stories America will fall in love with. I'm not just saying that because I'm...The Brother.

Liz Smith said...

The Brother is right, and I love having stumbled onto a whole family of writers!